What you can find on our farm

Raw milk for sale

In 2021, we began milking a few Jersey A2-A2 cows and we now have a small herd. With our raw milk license, we sell fresh/raw Jersey milk right here at the farm.

Cut your own flowers for sale

During the summer, we offer a large variety of flowers in our “cut your own patch” for those who wish to come and cut their own bouquet. We grow various varieties of lavender and process our own lavender oil here on the farm as well.

Chicken houses

In November 2017, we completed two chicken houses that house our 40,000 laying hens. The hens produce eggs which we sell to a local company.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy a barrel train ride – contact us to make arrangements.
  • Watch beef cattle in the meadow.
  • Pet rabbits, goats and help to groom miniature horses.
  • Try your hand at milking our Jersey cow.
  • Enjoy the swing set with Horse swing.
  • Fish at a nearby pond
  • Help feed the animals.
  • Our spacious grounds also offer plenty of space to roam, play, and relax: enjoy a picnic, stroll through the gardens, read a book, or savor a stunning Lancaster County sunset.